Our Story

When Tory was a college freshman he bought a guitar and synthesizer, hooked them up to his computer, and quit going to class.  He doesn't claim to play or sing very well but that hasn't stopped him yet, twenty years with Dead Pornography and still going strong.  He's obsessed with the absurd, and convinced that Camus was right.

Les is a house groove machine.  He prefers to be heard rather than seen.  Heh, that rhymes.  Bass, guitar, keys, he plays them all.  He's a damned fine singer too.  He runs out of hard drive space on a regular basis.

Brie is the new kid.  She was a metalhead in utero, and Priest Live! is reportedly her lullaby since infancy.  Her fascination with guitarage stemmed from regularly un-tuning her father's 70's Strat as a toddler.  During grade school music teachers classically trained her on clarinet, often leading to Lisa Simpson First Chair Anxiety Meltdowns as a student.